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Effectiveness of online Education

Research1 shows that the outcomes of learning effectiveness for online courses is comparable to or better than those found in face-to-face classroom settings. In order ensure the highest quality education of our programs, each course is developed in partnership and certified through the Neuropsychology Center of Utah. All course content is developed by leading Ph.D. psychologists and behavioral education specialists. In addition, our courses are developed around the National Standards for Quality Online Courses supported by iNACOL as well as California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) course standards to ensure effective and impactful learning methods.

...  Instructional Design

  • The courses use learning activities to engage users
  • Content is organized by lesson goals using logical sequencing. Lessons include overviews describing learning objectives, activities, and assessments that provide multiple learning opportunities for content mastery.
  • The course provides users with multiple mediums such as video, animation and graphics to engage users in a variety of ways.
  • The course design provides explicit communication / activities that confirms if users are engaged and progressing.

...  User Assessment

  • Course structure incorporates evaluation methods to assess user’s mastery of the content.
  • The course uses ongoing and frequent assessments to provide real-time feedback.
  • Assessment tools and course design give users continuous awareness of their progress in the course and mastery of the content.

...  Technology

  • Courses utilize the latest technology tools and a simple and easy to use interface.
  • Rich media is provided in multiple formats.
  • Minimal technology requirements are needed which allows use from any computer and internet connection.
  • Advanced data security ensures user information remains confidential

...  Benefits of Online Delivery

  • Studies show that learning outcomes for online learning exceed those of face-to-face instruction.
  • E-learning eliminates geographic barriers, allowing the program to be offered to anyone. The program can be taken from any computer with just a simple internet connection.
  • The online program can be administered at low costs allowing us to provide an affordable solution to adolescents and their families.

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1. Swan, K Learning effectiveness: what the research tells us. In J. Bourne & J. C. Moore (Eds) Elements of Quality Online Education, Practice and Direction. Needham, MA: Sloan Center for Online Education, 13-45.